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Introducing #TALKABOUTMAYALL: Order a Signed Album, Join the Discussion, and WIN!


Not only are we are offering signed CD's and LP's to the first 100 pre orders here in the Forty Below Records store, but we also invite you to participate in a world-wide discussion about John Mayall. Do you have a personal story about hearing Johns music? Has John's music affected your life in some way, big or small? Share a John Mayall-related musical memory in the form of a picture, video, or story, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #TALKABOUTMAYALL, or email your memory to We will post your memory on the Official Board. John Mayall will pick a winner for the best memory, personally respond, and share the memory on his Facebook page. Pre order a CD or LP before January 27, 2017 to be eligible to win!


We thought we'd kick off the discussion with a story from our own Eric Corne.


"Walter Trout's 'The Blues Came Callin’' was my second opportunity to work with John Mayall. This time Walter and I discussed asking John to try a Boogie Woogie. One of the things that I learned from some old school engineers was to always be ready to record, especially with the legends…I’d heard about engineers getting fired for missing what they thought were rehearsal takes with the likes of John Lee Hooker, Ry Cooder and Dylan, so I got a piano sound ready before John arrived.


It was a good thing, too, because no sooner did Walter make the suggestion, than John sauntered into the live room, sat down at the piano and began playing. I ran into the control room and hit record just in time. When he finished, Walter asked if he’d like to do one with the band and John replied, “Oh, no…I couldn’t do that again…Didn’t you get that?", at which point everyone turned and looked at me…Yup, got it!


John, then, listened through once and handed me a piece of paper with X’s through the bars he wanted removed…A bit tricky with no click (metronome) and one of your musical heroes hovering over your shoulder! Next, we overdubbed the band on top of John's piano track. John liked the cool old school sound I got along with Michael Leasureon the drums, and somehow this experience, which I consider one of my most memorable in the studio, led to John asking me to record his next album, which became 'A Special Life'."