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Jaime Wyatt's 'Felony Blues' Named One of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2017



Jaime Wyatt – Felony Blues – February 24th


"Keep your eye out for this one."

“Jaime is a striking figure with an old soul and a voice like a force of nature. The Los Angeles-native is a dynamic performer, who sails naturally between vintage ‘60s and ‘70s country/rock ’n’ soul anthems and heartfelt country ballads of love and corruption. Jaime got a record deal at the age of 17, but after a second deal went down the tubes, she developed a drug problem. She got busted for robbing her drug dealer and took a plea deal for 8 months in jail, a felony strike, 6 months of treatment and 3 years felony probation. “I stayed out of trouble most of the time in jail, by singing songs for people and making them laugh,” says Jaime. Jaime’s emerged with a largely autobiographical collection of convict love stories, prison songs, and honky-tonk laments.”

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