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No Depression Reviews Sam Morrow's New Release

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Sam Morrow
(Forty Below Records)

A young but promising newcomer, Sam Morrow has crafted a sterling debut LP that offers ready comparisons to the inspiring melancholia of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, Steve Earle’s Train a Coming and Jason Isbell's more recent Southeastern. Nevertheless, a similar sound aside, Morrow is a singular presence, an artist who can turn a slow moan into a song that’s truly compelling. Admittedly, most of these offerings tend to be of the mournful variety and given to a lowered gaze, but happily, that doesn’t detract from the emotional infusion and adept arrangements that are plied here so skilfully. So too, the songs that offer added intensity – “Sure Thing” and “14” in particular – practically soar with sentiment, making them both memorable and mesmerising as well. Ephemeral is a relative term, but be assured – there’s nothing fleeting or transient about Morrow’s music. He’s clearly positioned to make a lingering impression. (