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Now Available! Bonson Berner: Reflection

Argentinian Rocktronic Duo BONSON BERNER To Release Sophomore Album On Mar 10, 2015

(Buenos Aires/Los Angeles): Mixing the modern sounds of South America with a fresh electro-tinged take on classic new wave, Argentinian duo Bonson Berner is set to release their sophomore album Reflection on February 24, 2015 via Forty Below Records (John Mayall, Sam Morrow, KaiL Baxley) under arrangement with Sony/RED Distribution and MRI, home to partnerships with artists such as Marco Benevento, Sinead O'Connor, LoNero, Joseph Arthur, Los Lonely Boys, Medeski, Martin & Wood and Björk.

Bonson Berner is the brainchild of Argentine musician, photographer, painter and architect Lisandro “Pato” Aloi. Following a period of both musical and physical exploration with avant-garde Argentine rock band Siga la Flecha ("Follow the Arrow") – which played everything from international festivals like Pepsi Music to prestigious local jazz clubs and hidden musical tombs – Aloi left Buenos Aires and closed his architecture firm in order to set up sonic shop in Los Angeles. Soon thereafter, Bonson Berner unleashed its first effort, the rousing Passport, an electronic, post-punk revival that received major praise from the indie rock community with industry tastemaker Buzzbands LA lauding, “Bonson Berner’s electro-charged rock bridges the gap between indie-rockers like The National and another well-known band with Argentine bloodlines, Diego Garcia’s Elefant.”

Featuring the talents of producer Guillermo Porro and mixer Eric CornePassport was an idiosyncratic beast. The themes of universal love, energy and modern global culture exploded with a sound of electronic grunge and latin post-punk revealing shades of Depeche Mode, Joy Division and Manu Chao. Aloi found in Bonson Berner an ideal creative vessel: he directed the videos, designed the album art, and filled his lyrics with all the stories,
impressions and feelings he gathered traveling across the globe as a photographer.

Considering Aloi’s constant need of expression, which he describes as “the sound of endless voices coming from different directions”, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it didn’t take long for Bonson Berner’s second album, Reflection, to be born. This time, however – the voices met. Reflection is reflective of Aloi’s intimate, brooding and passionate nature and is his most personal album to date. The Porro-Corne tandem is back on board, building on the sonics of the previous album; exploring the roots of rock 'n’ roll with a fresh and inventive electronic approach. Flourishes of Massive Attack, Goldfrapp, Faithless and Pink Floyd coalesce to create a sophisticated sonic palette. Propulsive emissions like the reverberating title track and the album’s first single “Traveling,” echo this fresh mesh while “Esta Noche en el Bar" is a sultry stroll on the wild side to an intimate dive where Jobim sips Jim Beam with James Dean. It goes down smooth, emitting a euphoric sheen.

Bonson Berner (the way ‘Bunsen burner’ sounds when an Argentine says it aloud ) scores high-grade metaphorical points as a name; for this is a project that is both primal and scientific, melancholic and eager, global and enigmatic, pure yet hybridized. Its flames draw you in, its glowing warmth, a snug apron.

Bonson Berner’s electro-charged rock bridges the gap between indie-rockers like The National and another well-known band with Argentine bloodlines, Diego Garcia’s Elefant.” Buzzbands LA

"If The National’s Matt Berninger and Depeche’s Mode’s Dave Gahan collaborated on a progressive foray of New Wave, soaked in the modern sounds of South America, they would use Bonson Berner’s Reflection as an inspirational road-map.” Buzznet

"Aloi’s rich baritone voice, the drums, the guitar, the arc of each song, not to mention the wonderfully metaphoric lyrics, without a cliche to be found, are all made to deeply wow the listener.” Jamsphere

Bonson Berner
1. Traveling
2. Friend of a Friend
3. Reflection
4. I’ll See You Again
5. Esta Noche en el Bar
6. Some Other Way
7. I See You Everywhere
8. It Is What It Is
9. Open String
10. Desert

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