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See Country Rebel Jaime Wyatt's Gritty Ride to California in 'Wasco'

See Country Rebel Jaime Wyatt's Gritty Ride to California in 'Wasco' Video for Wyatt's prison love song finds the singer driving through the San Joaquin Valley in a vintage Chevelle

(from Rolling Stone Country Dec. 1, 2017)


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Songs about doing time are nothing new in country music, but Jaime Wyatt is one of the few who's sung about it from experience. Now the song "Wasco" from her debut LP Felony Blues brings to life a prison romance with a freewheeling new music video.

Wyatt, who once struggled with drug addiction, served eight months in Los Angeles county jail for robbing her drug dealer. While there, her cellmate made plans to marry an inmate at Wasco State Prison near Bakersfield — a man she'd never met in person and only corresponded with via letter. "Wasco" hurtles into the future with the same abandon, as the narrator declares, "Ain't nobody gonna tell me who to love" as she counts the hours till her own love interest's "graduation" from the big house.

The video for "Wasco," directed by Magdalena Wosinska, features Wyatt playing the rebel, driving around in old Chevelle with no driver's side door, skateboarding in cowboy boots and breaking into a warehouse to shoot pool. At the warehouse, she crosses paths with a group of teenagers who have spent the swimming and partying, an innocent and carefree contrast to the hard time being done in the song's lyrics.

Having released the seven-song Felony Blues last February, Wyatt hits the roads this winter with Wheeler Walker Jr., Shooter Jennings and Jonathan Tyler.