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Twangville Premieres Sam Morrow's Live In The Studio Video For '14'

Monday Morning Video – A Premiere from Sam Morrow

We’ve got a special treat this week, an exclusive premiere from LA by way of Texas songwriter Sam Morrow

Morrow has been spending time in the studio working on a new album which will be released later this year. He paused long enough to share this special live performance of “14,” a track from last year’s Ephemeral

The song has special significance to Morrow – 14 was the age at which he began a dark descent into drug and alcohol addiction. Music was a companion on his road to recovery and has been the path that he has followed ever since.

This video was recorded live in the studio last December. Says Morrow, “The band and I do all of these songs much differently live than they are on the record, and these videos are the opportunity to show people that. This video is a fresh take on ’14.’ Me and the boys always have fun playing this one.”

I was fourteen years old when I took my first breath
That whiskey and that heroin helped me grow my new skin
Was it the feeling or the taste that helped me come back again?
Or the cold embrace of those that counted my sins
I was intrigued by the flame as it burned my hand, but I lit it again
Sit down and meet my friend trouble and meet my friend pain
Woke up next to a girl and I only knew the bottles name
So I lit up a smoke and convinced myself I was sane
But you can’t get too far when you keep hoppin’ on the same train
Just cause’ I was feeling good don’t mean I was feeling right
Well you’re not a badass when you’re all alone
Does the heart still break when no one hears it fall?
Could this be it could I have seen it all?
Same thing you left with is what brought you home
Bartender said, come on Sam join us at the end of the bar
Said just fill me to the brim and I’ll enjoy my party of one
Now pour me another and I’ll take it with me for the road
I like my liquor warm and I keep my shoulders cold
But you can’t no you can’t sit still but you got nowhere to go